Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Basement Remodel With Painted Exposed Ceiling

I have waited so long to make this post, and even though we are not done yet, I just have to share our progress.

Finishing our basement wasn't something I thought we would ever do. With the exception of all of out fitness equipment, it remained a big empty space. As our son has grown older, we have started to feel that creating a fun area, might be a good thing for us and so, we started thinking about adding on a theater area, gym area and rec area.....what better place than the unused basement!

The one thing we agreed on, we didn't want to lose ceiling height by putting in a drop ceiling or sheet rock, so I started researching alternatives. What I found were basement designs where the home owners were painting the rough ceiling and beams black.  It gives a loft/industrial feel and I, FELL IN LOVE!!!

And now that our project is nearly complete....we still need to choose carpeting, furniture and decor....I am ready to share some photos. Hope you like! :)

Painted ceiling and framing


Decorative touches

Finished product minus flooring and furnishing

I'm in love with the seating bench that was not part of the original plan! So happy our contractor recommended it!

What do you think of our idea to paint the ceiling and leave it exposed?

*wall paint is Wickham grey by Benjamin Moore*


Finally got the carpet installed and we are putting together the gym and waiting on the arrival of our theater chairs. I'm still working on art work for the new spaces and we have to have someone take apart our pool table and move it downstairs but it's coming along.