Mini Home Project: Built-in Bench Cushions

I've been wanting to dress up this built-in that is in our media/theater room, for awhile now.

I had purchased this really cool, Timeless Treasures Movie Popcorn fabric on Amazon, awhile back and finally found the time to do this project. I used an old flat sheet that we never use, to make the bottom of the bench cover, and also create a pillow case for the accent pillow. I had an old cushion from a couch that we got rid of, and that cushion was a perfect fit for the space.

For the accent pillow, I used felt to create my popcorn bucket.

I'm pretty happy with the way this project turned out. Down the road, I will probably add some sconces and some type of movie poster on the back wall.

Some of the sconces I'm considering. I love that they are wireless, so set up should be a breeze.


Suzie Jackson said…
Visting over from Cafemom! I hope your doing great. Love your project its so cute. Cute popcorn theme!
Lynn said…
Hi, Suzie!!! Thanks for visiting! :)