Superhero Ornaments

I saw a similar project on Pinterest and I just knew, I had to create my own version, for my son. My son loves all things Superhero, particularly Spiderman.

I will give these to him on Dec 1st, to kick off the 25 days of Christmas. I just know he will love them!

This is a very easy project!

You will need:
  1. Glass or plastic ornaments (I chose plastic because I want them to last)
  2. Paint in squeeze bottles
  3. Stickers
I get all my supplies from Michael's craft store.

Remove tops from the ornaments, squeeze in paint and coat the interior of the ornament, let dry a bit, put tops back on and affix stickers to the outside of the ornament! EASY!!!

I think I might make some Strawberry Shortcake ornaments for my niece:)