Naked Egg

Brayden and I did a pretty cool science experiment, this past week. We took an egg and submerged in a glass of vinegar. The vinegar breaks down the hard shell leaving you with a "naked egg", that you can lightly bounce....pretty cool!

It took about a day and a half for the shell to completely dissolve. This is what it looks like without the shell.....

Yup, Bray is in his Spiderman costume! LOL! Any chance he gets!

The naked egg is also larger out of the shell since the vinegar penetrated through the membrane.

It really does bounce just like a rubber ball but you have to do it low to the hard surface and be gentle. I saw a video where a girl bounced one a little too hard and it splattered all over the place. lol!
Anyway, it was a fun little  experiment:)


That is so cool. I homeschool my dd and a friend of mine told me of this trick but I hadn't tried it yet. I was like what? Now from your pics I see! Now we HAVE to try this! LOL How cool!
Lynn said…
Yes! It definitely was a pretty cool project! :)