Upcycle: Old sweater into cute pet bed

My kitty has been in need of a new good resting place, and when I saw this idea on Facebook, I decided to give it a try.

What you need:
  1. old sweater
  2. polyfil or cut up rags for stuffing
  3. yarn needle
  4. yarn
Stuff top body and arms of the sweater with Polyfil. using yarn needle and yarn rough stitch where the poly-fill and at the body of the sweater. Like this…
Stuff one end of arm into the other end of the of the other arm, and fold the remaining body of the shirt over the arms. Stitch the folded over part to the body of the pet bed

Next, you will stitch the arms to the body of the pet bed. The finished product will look like this…

You can stitch shut the neck opening, but in this case I left it open, so I have the option to remove the Polyfil and wash the sweater

This project took me a little over an hour and my cat loves his new pet bed