Elf On the Shelf Ideas

Elf On the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition, started in our house last year. I was able to escape the insanity until my son started school but once kids start talking.....you know how that goes....

So now we are an Elf On the Shelf family, too! JOY!

My son's elf, Mischief, usually makes his way into our home on Thanksgiving night. Mischief is a good elf and likes to do good deeds. So here I am, starting to think of what fun things I can have Mischief do this year. Pinterest here I come!  And, because I know there are other parents out there looking for ideas, I'm going to share some of mine from last year.

Enjoy! :)

Mischief colors a picture for my son

Mischief just hanging around

Mischief helps me work on my puzzle

 Mischief doing some house cleaning....if only we had little elves that would swoop in and clean in the middle of the night....one can dream.

Mischief reads the Rudolph gang a story

  Mischief captures Spiderman's arch enemy, The Lizard

Oh, and did you know there is now a new tradition called, Elf Pets??  Guess who will be jumping on that bandwagon soon? Darn you cute Elf pet reindeer!